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Black Box Insurance – Anti Theft Electronic Survellance

A new service has been launched which has one foot into the electronic surveillance category,
student car insurance has just moved into the age of surveillance,

Its quite simple, the electronic surveillance comes in the form of a little black box which records data such as GPS location and help protects a car against theft, this could be very advantageous where car park surveillance is not available. It has other benefits, in a crash data such as G-force limits are recorded and everyday driving data is also recorded and available as charts and graphs.

Students and young drivers can have their insurance premiums reduced when the black box surveillance is fitted.

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Surveillance in Newcastle – RIPA

Covert Surveillance and RIPA 2000

Newcastle City Council have lashed back at the Guardian newspaper after it reported the Council and the City as being the worst in the country for using its powers of surveillance and monitoring under the Regulation and Investigaory Powers Act 2000 which is called RIPA for short.

The head of law for Newcastle council states that the powers currently being deployed have been there for 10 years and that they have used the RIPA responsibly, the covert surveillance and monitoring they carry out has always been in place and ensure that their methods do not infringe human rights.

In fact the head of law for Newcastle City Council states that they Use RIPA to ensure that the type of covert surveillance and investigation used is done safely behind the framework that RIPA lays down exactly for this type of activity.

NCC use RIPA to investigate everything from fraud to fly tipping and the power was invoked 48 times last year which was a significant drop after being advised they do not need to monitor noise levels with this type of power. Read the rest of this entry »

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