European Security Projects (ESP)

Covert Surveillance – Close Protection

Security Industry Qualified

ESP is a specialist security company dedicated to providing the highest echelons of service and professionalism. We offer an all encompassing investigations service to the Corporate, Government and Private sector worldwide.

At ESP our Specialisations include

  • Surveillance
  • Close Protection
  • Covert Protection Orders
  • Risk and Threat Assessments
  • Residential Security
  • Technical Surveillance
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
  • Covert Vehicle Tracking
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Due Diligence

Our personnel are only sourced from Government, Specialist Military units and intelligence backgrounds enabling us to offer the client a bespoke, professional service supplemented with trust and discretion.

Our Integrity and trust coupled with the highest standards in professionalism and expertise enables us to successfully and efficiently achieve the final aim's and objectives of the client.

Private Investigator Training

In addition we offer a full industry level training prospectus for the industry including private investigator training programmes, the training modules are comprehensive and the instructors are experienced in the industry at the very highest level. We offer training to suit all levels of the security industry and in particular thos individuals looking to create businesses that operate in the private detective agency sphere.
For more information on our training modules follow this link – Private Investigator Training

Private Detective Agency

For those driven individuals looking to setup private detective agencies our courses will also cover the latest technology needed to make the job efficient and we can also advise on and supply crucial equipment needed to implement sophisticated surveillance operations and tracking of subjects, vehicles and assets plus techniques and evasion expertise.
This training course is a must if you are seriously considering setting up a private detective agency or are looking for employment in the private investigator industry.
Contact European Security Projects Ltd here: Contact ESP
Phone: +44 (0) 7736 879 824
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Private Detective Agency

European Security Projects – Setting up A Private Detective Agency

Anyone looking to set up their own detective agency is going to need two things, firstly extensive training from instructors who not only operated at the highest level but also understand the fringe elements of investigation, the technology that allows you to do the job and the experience that life at the highest industry level offers.

Secondly it does not matter how well trained you are if you cannot get work, here at European security Projects we have teamed up with the world renown HP Group who are specialists in marketing and the world of Google, digital marketing at its best can make the difference to a successful business and especially provide a fast track route to enquiries.

Of course the proof is in the evidence like so much in the world of detective agencies and certainly if you are reading this page it will be because HP Group have done a good job on our own website and its listing in Google.

Setting Up A New Private Detective Agency

Setting up a new detective agency will need everything from training and equipment to branding and of course the website, there is a huge trend now for clients to use the internet to find the detective agency they are looking for.

The training you will receive with us is very specialised and will incorporate a wide range of intelligence activities both practical and theory, all areas that are vital to a detective agency operative are covered including surveillance, evasion, driving records and logs, evidence gathering and technology.

In addition we can both advise and supply the vital technology that is needed to be right at the forefront of the private investigation industry.

Call now to discuss your requirements –

Phone: +44 (0) 7736 879 824
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Private Detective Training Costs

Private Detective Training Costs from ESP Ltd

If you are looking to create your own private detective agency or maybe move into the industry then this is the course for you, the modules are tailored towards surveillance and cutting edge technology that is deployed to the field.

Part of the training covers driving techniques and evasion but what is different about ESP training is that we have exclusive use of the latest tracking technology available to the industry. This new tracking hardware is only available through us, we are the sole distributer in the UK and so the ability to be trained to a high level in this area will give you a significant advantage over competition especially because we will also support you in an ongoing basis.

have no illusions about the profficiency of this course as it is not just suitable for private investigator training but also the higher level standards needed for security operatives, we also offer some really unique differentials to the existing competition.

The new tracking technology will enable you to easily track people, vehicles, assets all in live format and with mobile smart phone capability that is so good you can relax and take your time as it is unlikely you will lose a target, accurate to 30 cms – yes just 12 inches with anti jam capability too.

The instructors have operated in the security industry at the very highest level and their experience spans 25 years, field of operations expertise includes Eastern Europe, Ireland and the Middle East as well as across all parts of th UK.

Once you have finished the course you will be able to undertake operations and build your own expertise and skill levels, support is available and further bespoke training is also an option.

See here for the course details and information on costs – Training Costs

This is not just a course for a prospective private detective this traing course will suit someody looking to operate in the fileds of security including close protection, covert surveillance, intelligence gathering and counter intelligence operations.

So whether you wish to further your career in the security industry, open up a detective agency, operate as a private detective or enter the world of personal protection, this training course will suit you.

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Private Detective Training

ESP are now well into their third year of private detective training!

The training is a very high level course with a number of modules that cover all the elements needed including surveillance, intelligence gathering, map reading, tactical driving and reports and logs.

This is a high grade course that facilitates individuals looking to upgrade their knowledge base and skill level and is especially pertinent to those looking to start a detective or private investigation agency. With high spec facilities and instructors who have attained the highest level security clearances you can be sure that your time will be very well spent and your level of expertise will be significantly improved.

Using the latest techniques and technology the instructors will put you through the most stringent of learning principles with the aim of preparing you to meet the demands of modern day investgation and surveillance challenges.

The modules break down into a refined series of sub categories providing proven and cutting edge knowledge transfer with both theory and practical tasks.

What we also do is ensure complete confidentiality for all our candidates and the security of each identity is a strictly adhered to principle.

Contact ESP now and visit the private detective module training section here – Private Investigator Training

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black box insurance

Black Box Insurance – Anti Theft Electronic Survellance

A new service has been launched which has one foot into the electronic surveillance category,
student car insurance has just moved into the age of surveillance,

Its quite simple, the electronic surveillance comes in the form of a little black box which records data such as GPS location and help protects a car against theft, this could be very advantageous where car park surveillance is not available. It has other benefits, in a crash data such as G-force limits are recorded and everyday driving data is also recorded and available as charts and graphs.

Students and young drivers can have their insurance premiums reduced when the black box surveillance is fitted.

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Covert Surveillance Australia

Sydney Uses Covert Surveillance

One of the city’s worst illegal fly tippers has been caught with covert surveillance techniques.

News just in has revealed that – Dib Hanna Abdalla Hanna has been fined $133,000 for tipping waste at locations across the city of Sydney, so comprehensive was the footage and such was the quality that it has been made available for public viewing.

Dib Hanna Abdalla Hanna is shown dumping waste in a variety of public locations including parkland, covert surveillance cameras were used to film the incidents and in some cases the convicted fly tipper was filmed from his home to the location of the crime.

Analysis shows many of the loads were contaminated with asbestos waste, film footage was taken using covert cameras, in some cases waste was dumped straight onto the road which put contaminated and dangerous waste directly into peoples lives. Read the rest of this entry »

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Surveillance in Newcastle – RIPA

Covert Surveillance and RIPA 2000

Newcastle City Council have lashed back at the Guardian newspaper after it reported the Council and the City as being the worst in the country for using its powers of surveillance and monitoring under the Regulation and Investigaory Powers Act 2000 which is called RIPA for short.

The head of law for Newcastle council states that the powers currently being deployed have been there for 10 years and that they have used the RIPA responsibly, the covert surveillance and monitoring they carry out has always been in place and ensure that their methods do not infringe human rights.

In fact the head of law for Newcastle City Council states that they Use RIPA to ensure that the type of covert surveillance and investigation used is done safely behind the framework that RIPA lays down exactly for this type of activity.

NCC use RIPA to investigate everything from fraud to fly tipping and the power was invoked 48 times last year which was a significant drop after being advised they do not need to monitor noise levels with this type of power. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Neccessity To Vet All Security Staff

South Africa has been chosen to host the 2010 World Cup releasing a wave of security concerns for players and their families.

World Cup chiefs believe European countries are scaremongering when they report that ciminals and illegal immigrants have been able to secure jobs in the close protection and security industries but these claims have been backed up by South Africa’s own security regulators – PSIRA. Read the rest of this entry »

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